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Outside Sales Team

Eddie Brown (Eddie.Brown@TowerSalesInc.com)-Eddie has more than 40 years of experience as an Electrical Manufacturers Representative.  He served as a principal of Hoge Associates prior to its merger with Tower Sales in 2015.  Eddie currently serves as a product specialist in the Alabama and Florida Panhandle territories.

Michael Dulion (Michael.Dulion@TowerSalesInc.com)–Michael has account responsibility in metro Atlanta and Athens. He has been with the company since 1998 and has consistently grown sales and market share across all Tower lines.

John Gurniewicz (John.Gurniewicz@TowerSalesInc.com)–John has been in the electrical business since 1998 and has account responsibility in Atlanta, Macon, and Columbus. Prior to joining Tower in 2001, John worked as a direct sales representative for a major wiring device manufacturer.

Brent Halstead (Brent.Halstead@TowerSalesInc.com)-Brent joined the Tower Sales team in 2013 having worked as an outside sales associate in distribution. Brent’s territory consists of the Florida panhandle and south Alabama.

Gary Heusser (Gary.Heusser@TowerSalesInc.com)–Gary has been with Towers Sales since 2001 and has over 35 years of experience in the electrical industry. He is responsible for account coverage in Birmingham and North Alabama.

Kevin O’Connor (Kevin.OConnor@TowerSalesInc.com)-Kevin has more than 15 years of experience in all facets of the electrical industry selling to residential, industrial, commercial, and OEM clients.  He currently has account responsibilities in Northwest Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and Augusta.


Inside Sales Team

Sandy Basaraba (Sandy.Basaraba@TowerSalesInc.com)– Working in the industry since 1996, Sandy joined the Tower team in 2002. Sandy possesses a wide range of product knowledge across all Tower lines with a focus on Eaton Wiring Devices and Crouse-Hinds Commercial.

Lindsey Chase (Lindsey.Chase@TowerSalesInc.com)- Lindsey lends her multi-faceted talents to the Tower team in an administrative role responsible for reception and client relations.

Mark Clark (Mark.Clark@TowerSalesInc.com) – Mark has more than sixteen years of industry experience in both distribution and agency sales. He has inside account responsibilities for TCP Lighting, B-Line, and RAB Lighting.

Tony Harper (Tony.Harper@TowerSalesInc.com)–Tony has over fifteen years of industry experience. Prior to joining the Tower team in 2003, Tony worked for a competitive agency in the Atlanta market.

Bob Jordan (Bob.Jordan@TowerSalesInc.com)–Prior to joining Tower in 1991, Bob worked for a major electrical wholesaler for several years.  In addition to his inside sales duties, Bob carries the title of Operations Manager for the company as well.

Tisha Lovell (Tisha.Lovell@TowerSalesInc.com)–Tisha has been with our company since 2003. She has fifteen years of industry experience. Tisha manages the inside sales responsibilities for Arlington Industries, Espen and RAB along with other product lines.

April Morden (April.Morden@TowerSalesInc.com)–April has been in the electrical industry since 1992 with a primary focus on wire.

Tammy Phillips (Tammy.Phillips@TowerSalesInc.com)-Tammy has been in the industry for more than 30 years with experience ranging across all product areas.  Now a member of the Tower team, Tammy is primarily responsible for B-Line quotations.

John Sullivan (John.Sullivan@TowerSalesInc.com) – John has more than three years of industry experience and is responsible for inside sales support of Tower’s Southwire product line.

Helen Swertfager (Helen.Swertfager@TowerSalesInc.com)– Helen has fifteen years of experience in the electrical industry. She joined our team in 2008 with wire and cable responsibility.